II Seminário Paulista de autismo 2010

II Seminário Paulista de autismo 2010

01 dezembro 2011

Convite de Alysson Muotri para participação em pesquisa sobre autismo

December 1st, 2011

To: Adriana Gledys Zink
Re: Autism Tooth Fairly Collection and Collaboration in Brazil

Dear Adriana,
As you know my group has tremendous expertise in stem cell biology and in particular, the generation of
patient-specific stem and neural progenitor cells to model genetic diseases. Recently we have generated
induced pluripotent stem cells from Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) patients, and have differentiated
neurons from these cells successfully. In addition, we have applied many cellular assays to study defects
in morphology and activity in these neurons in vitro. This system allows for the screening of new drugs for
possible intervention and treatment. The potential impact of this research in the autism community cannot
be underestimated.
As a consequence, my group has extended this approach to accommodate the research in collaboration
with several genetic centers around the world, including a partnership with Dr. Patricia Beltrao-Braga, from
the University of São Paulo in Brazil. Together, we found that cellular reprogramming from isolated dental
pulp cells, obtained from deciduous milk teeth, is a non-invasive and accessible source of somatic cells for
our studies. I believe your expertise assisting ASD patients during dental treatment is a valuable asset to
my research goals and I would like to invite you to be part of this multidisciplinary and international
collaboration. You will be working in close contact with Dr. Beltrao-Braga to isolate dental pulp cells from
Brazilian ASD patients to be further used on phenotypic neuronal assays.
I am very happy with your positive and enthusiastic reaction to my previous invitation. I am sure this
project will lead to a better quality of life to ASD patients and their families. I take this opportunity to
personally invite you to visit our research group in San Diego and present the work you are doing at
I look forward to this collaboration and meeting you in person.
Alysson Renato Muotri, PhD